Revitalisation and densification of cities with wood

Dialogues, lectures and presentations of best practices focus on wood as a topic for the future when it comes to building and living in urban areas.    

Wood – building material for the cities of tomorrow

Growing cities demand intelligent, environmentally responsible building solutions. Wood can make a profound contribution towards cleaner, more energy efficient and resource conserving building practices. It is a “winning material” that protects the environment, produces oxygen and stores carbon dioxide and energy whilst growing in the forest. Unfortunately the experience, know-how and relevant conditions do not yet exist in many places to make use of the full potential of building with wood.

Crucial points for expanding the use of wood are fire safety and multistoreyed buildings, or considerations regarding the effects of carbon emissions and the potential for energy efficiency. All of these topics ensure that WOODDAYS will provide a thoroughly comprehensive programme.

A focus on wood-based construction Exchange, transferring know-how, networking

Various event formats from Expert dialogues to architectural conventions offer a unique, international forum for dialogue. An intensive exchange over the course of ten days on the possibilities related to wood as a building material in urban areas awaits all of the cities that will host a WOODBOX.

The goal behind WOODDAYS is to build up viable networks for the increased utilisation of wood in construction. Politics and public authorities, architecture and planning, the timber industry and building companies as well as science and research will be brought together to share experiences and perspectives on modern, urban wood-based construction and to learn from examples of best practices.  


Representatives from local politics and from the European and national timber industries, architects and planners, researchers, students and anyone and everyone with an interest in wood-based construction will all come together.


European cities, whether with a great deal or very little experience in building with wood, address the potential for urban densification that wood offers. Topics include the efficient use of resources and reductions in carbon emissions, building regulations and fire safety, building multistorey structures and renovations.

Architectural convention Wood. BUILDING THE FUTURE

National and international architects provide reports on exceptional examples of modern timber architecture.