“How does wood get into the city?”

Both workshops on 13 May in Turin, Italy, put light on the range of use of the construction material timber in urban environment.


Andrea Bernasconi (structural designer), Guido Callegari (professor at the Politecnico di Torino, Polytechnic University of Turin) and Markus Lager (architect, Berlin) were amongst others speakers at the workshops. Alberto Alessi (architect, editor in chief for “materialegno”) ended the programme with a selection of European timber projects in urban areas (Paris, London, Zurich, Bologna,...). Space is precious and scarce. By enlargemenst and additions, reclassifications and revitalisation of closed down buildings, existing structures can be used sustainably.

However, appropriate framework conditions are a prerequisite for sustainable building with wood.

On Friday, 15 May the conference “Wood and the city of tomorrow” will take place.

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