Exhibition Master class 2018

On June 29th, „GRAZ OPEN ARCHITECTURE 18“ will be hosted for the fifth time. The Faculty of Architecture invites the public to the annual summer celebration and exhibition of student works. For the first time proHolz interdisciplinary and international workshop Master class will be part of the exhibition.


Announcement: Presentation of the final results

In June the final presentations of the projects made within the Master class in Slovenia and Croatia will take place.


Master class 2018: Mid-term consultations

Friday, 20.4. was at Faculty of architecture, University of Ljubljana an intensive day. The students and professors from Ljubljana welcomed their colleagues from Zagreb on a mid-term consultation with Prof. Hans Gangoly, his assistant Sarah Julia Posch and Prof Gerhard Schickhofer.


Announcement: Presentation of the final results

In June the final presentations of the student’s work made within the Master class in Slovenia and Croatia will take place.


Lecture by experts in Ljubljana

The participating students have opportunity to listen the lectures made by architect Simon Speigner from sps architekten and engineer Dr. Richard Woschitz.


Practice in Austria for authors of the winning projects

The authors of the winning projects got the opportunity to improve and extend their knowledge during an one-month internship in Austria. In September, the winning engineers visit the Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology at TU Graz and the winning architects did their internship at the architectural office Gangoly & Kristiner Architecten. For student was this an important experience, since they were included in real projects, under which they gained tremendous practical experiences.


Final presentation of the Zagreb designs

After only two months of preparation time, the designs for the restoration of a school in Graz were presented to the jury.


"Globally we expect that wood will be the material of the future in the urban area" .“...

...says Architect Simon Speigner at the Woodbox opening in Salzburg. 30.05.2016

A residence for fifty international architectural projects

The WOODBOX will be presented in Salzburg between 25 May and 5 June right between Alter Markt and Residenzplatz. 24.05.2016

12 students presented their initial concepts in Zagreb

On monday, 2nd of May the intermediate consultation with the professors from TU Graz at the Faculty of civil engineering in Zagreb took place. Six groups, consisting of a student of civil engineering and a student of architecture, presented their initial concept of renovation of the school in Graz. 09.05.2016

Wood Building the Future on the "Alten Markt" place in Salzburg

The Woodbox and the Architekturtage 2016 event, will demonstrate the technological, design and environmental potentials of building with wood.


Intermediate consultation with Prof. Gangoly and Prof Schickhofer in Maribor

On Tuesday, 19. April the intermediate consultations at the Faculty of civil engineering, transportation engineering and architecture with Professor Gangoly and Professor schickhofer from TU Graz took place. Four groups consisting of students of architecture and civil engineering presented their concepts of renewal of the school in Graz. 21.04.2016

"Upgrade and the renovate a school built in the 1970s.. "

The students were visiting the school in Graz. Now the participants will in interdisciplinary groups design a concept of modular elements consisting of CLT and structural glass for an upgrading and the renovation of the school Within the Master class they will learn new technologies in building with wood and gain the practical experience in working with wood. 06.04.2016

Master class - international and interdisciplinary workshop in Maribor and Zagreb

Urban renewal of the school with CLT modular elements


Woodbox Opening at the 'Green Week' in Berlin

Timber - the ideal basis for climate protection and decarbonisation of the economy


...the WOODBOX will go from forest to metropolis...

She will be presented in Berlin between 14 and 25 January.




Next stop: Vienna

The WOODBOX will be presented in Vienna between 23 September and 4 October.


Timber potential – the possibilities for modern constructions with timber have not yet been fully exhausted

Klaus Klever, president of the German Association of Architects (Bund der Deutschen Architekten, BDA) said that there is still need for a lot of 'missionary work' in North Rhine-Westphalia. All the options modern construction methods have regarding building with timber have not yet been fully exhausted.


Next Stop: Aachen

The Woodbox is on tour again after the summer break and stops in Aachen from 1 to 10 September. The mobile exhibition will be positioned at the Elisenbrunnen. It also introduces the Aachener Holzbautagung 2015 (3 - 4 September).


Woodbox in Zagreb

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