Start of the Master class in Zagreb, 13.03.2017


On Monday, the selected students of civil engineering and architecture from University of Zagreb came together for the first time to be present at the start of the Master class in Zagreb. The Master class has started with the lectures made by Prof. Hans Gangoly, his assistant arch. Eva Sollgruber and Prof. Gerhard Schickhofer.

Prof. H. Gangoly and E. Sollgruber made a lecture about densification of the city districts and the office buildings. In their lecture, they presented needs for the densification of city districts and how the new working process effects on the designing the offices. Additionally, they showed us the examples of wooden architecture and hybrid buildings where working and living is set together.

Prof. G. Schickhofer is in his lecture combined the perspective of the architects and engineers. He focused on the modularity, briefly explained process of the static analysis and shown architects the wide possibilists of using CLT elements.

At the end, we visited the area and the first ideas how to transform it were made.

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